Wedding Date *
Wedding Date
Knowing your story is key for us in telling the story of your wedding day. We’d love to know how you met, fell in love and got engaged. What do you love to do together? Share anything you feel will help give us an insight to who you are.
We’d love to know more about your wedding plans, especially what you’re doing to make your wedding special or unique. Please share any special details that you would like us to know about that would not necessarily be obvious to us.
Will you be exchanging special gifts or writing letters to each other on the wedding day? If so, would you be comfortable reading your letters privately, on camera? This can be a powerful story element in your film.
Do you have a wedding coordinator? If so, please provide their contact info.
If your planner won’t be providing a full itinerary, please give us an outline of the day for the following events: bride preps, groom preps, ceremonies, photo-sessions, cocktail hour, introductions, first dance, parents’ dances, speeches, etc.
If you have a wedding photographer, we’d love to connect with them before the big day. Please provide their contact info.
What will be the location of the bride and groom preps, as well as a good contact number for the location?
Will you be arranging for a first look to see each other for a photo session before the wedding?
How many people will be in your wedding party?
How many guests are you expecting?
How long do you expect the ceremony to last?
Are there any touchy family dynamics we should be aware of when creating your edit, such as divorces or major disagreements between family members?
Please provide the name and contact for the vendor providing audio for the ceremony and speeches. (ie: DJ)
Are there any edits of ours that you particularly connected with? We’d love to know the stories that draw you in.
In the music selection process, we use your suggestions, along with the overall tone and feeling of your wedding day, as a guide to select the right soundtrack for your wedding film. So, it’s great to know the styles of music that you enjoy, to get familiar with your style. Please list 5-15 musical artists that you enjoy. Please list 5-10 of your favourite songs. Please list any artists or genres of music you DISLIKE.
Please let us know how you would prefer your names to be displayed on your final wedding film(s), with the correct spelling. i.e.: Jenny & Matt vs. Jennifer & Matthew