Tim Feeny


My story truly began when I married my beautiful wife and talented makeup artist, Melanie (Shimmer + Gloss) in 2003. Our precious daughter Piper came into this world in 2011 and our son Crew followed in 2016. Life has never been better.


Where do I even start... This video and the aggregation of memories accompanies only a handful of other really important things in my life that we have been privileged to experience and invest in. We’ve vowed to watch it on every anniversary just to relive the moments… I thank you from the both of us, from the bottom of our hearts for so seamlessly capturing our very special and important day and leaving us with such important memories for life. You’re very talented and your gift will brighten up several hundred more faces when we show them this video.
— Soushiant + Aubrey
Amazing... absolutely amazing! The teaser video produced was absolutely breathtaking and makes everyone who watches it emotional. To be able to not only capture the emotions of that day but to allow us to relive our wedding every time we watch just the teaser video makes me speechless. If you’re ever on the fence about getting cinematography for yours, stop thinking about it. Just do it. It will be the best investment you can make.
— Rob + Ashleigh

Photo by: Sachin Khona